Your House Can Sparkle

Your House Can Sparkle

Schedule a residential cleaning service in East Windsor, NJ

Your life is busy. You may be splitting your time amongst family, friends, work and errands. It's hard to find the time to keep your house tidy. If you need a residential cleaning service in East Windsor, New Jersey, you can count on Total Coverage Cleaning Services to handle the job. We'll clean your home from floor to ceiling in every room, including your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, basement and garage.

Are you ready for a cleaner home? We'll meet with you to assess your home and provide a free estimate on services. Call 609-598-0577 now to schedule maid service consultation.

Having a clean home is all about the details

If you're paying for a maid service, you want every inch of your home to be left spotless. Our team cleans every part of your home, down to the tiny details that only you'll notice. We:

Vacuum floors and carpets

Mop floors

Dust all surfaces

Dust fireplaces

Change sheets

Clean glass

Clean fan lights

Clean drapes

Clean window frames

Clean microwaves

Clean blinds, doors and baseboards

Clean kitchen appliances

Wipe kitchen surfaces

Wash coffee makers

Shine chrome items

Take out trash

Refill trash bags

Spot check all appliances

Spot scrub kitchens

Scrub bathroom fixtures

Ask a cleaning pro from Total Coverage Cleaning Services in East Windsor, New Jersey about a residential cleaning service today.